Options for Burkina Faso: My Opinion…


  1. Establish a consensual transitional government with a Prime Minister and Ministers who agree not to run for the next presidential election, regardless of whether He/She comes from the army or not, but it should be a civilian PM . The PM must have executive power.
  2. It is important that Blaise Compaore is out of the transition for several reasons: He has no more legitimacy before the people even if he remains the “elected ” president. Given his past and his implications in a number of issues on the continent starting with Burkina Faso , Blaise is still able to dribble everybody and rely on a part of the army if his given time, He can  even complicate the situation and make it unmanageable …. I fear disappearances and other retaliations…. I also fear economic crimes which may affect the country. It is important to turn the page here and now.
  3. However, to avoid giving the shadow of Coup d’Etat to the situation and make sure it does not become the only way out in Africa, Blaise can be simply asked to resign against a calm and quiet way out. If he refuses, then he should be forced out by all possible means and why not bring him to court?
  4. Another option is to keep him if he wants to remain president to finish his term but appoint a strong Prime Minister with executive powers.
  5. There is a need for a People’s Council, an interim parliament for the one-year transition which should lead to democratic elections. The Council will be able to monitor the Government. It must be inclusive but with not too strong power.
  6. The army must be represented in the bodies of the transition but must not interfere as such in the conduct of the business. The transition must absolutely be led by civilians and the military must be in their service.
  7. An election timetable should be adopted and strictly adhered to. But a mechanism allowing some flexibility is needed to avoid bottlenecks that could justify other disorders.
  8. A Regional Contact Group of the African Union , ECOWAS and other partners should be set up to ensure compliance with the transition plan.

Finally, victims of the recent events must be treated with dignity. They should get into the History of Burkina Faso.

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